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F-Secure Router Checker

A free, web-based tool that checks your router’s settings and detects if it may have been hijacked by criminals. If your router is compromised, every single device on your network is at risk of being hacked.

F-secure Router Port Checker


Scans UPnP or Universal Plug and Play, that is enabled by default in most consumer routers.

It also has a Custom Port Probe tool for scanning any port of your choosing plus a useful port information tool.

Shields Up Router Scanner

PCBUG Meeting – Thursday May 17 at 5 p.m.

WordPress – How easily you can setup a website for your family or group.

How to Start a WordPress Blog The RIGHT WAY – Beginners Guide (Step by Step)

Ask the Experts session will be held where members can have computer & technology questions answered.

As always, Visitors are welcome, so feel free to invite a friend.

PCBUG Meeting – Thursday April 19 at 5 p.m.

For the April meeting Jere Minich, of the Association of Personal Computer
User Groups (APCUG) will to do his Tune Up Your PC presentation.

Ask the Experts session will be held where members can have computer & technology questions answered.

As always, Visitors are welcome, so feel free to invite a friend.

Downloads from Jere Minich:



Fake Flash Update

On various web pages that have been hacked by scammers, what appears to be a legitimate Adobe Flash update page will be displayed.

This is in fact an attempt to get you to approve loading a malware program that will infect your computer.

In the displayed example there is a download a box that asks :

” What do you want to do with Flashplayer.hta (1.8 kb)?
From: oiph1meon.net”

With the choices of “Run” “Save” “Cancel”

Do NOT click any of these !!!

What you need to do is click your browser’s “BACK” button to get away from the page.

After you are off the fake update page you might even choose to manually run your Antivirus and Anti Malware programs for peace of mind.

Note that Norton Antivirus blocked the actual automatically started download file which is NOT named “Flashplayer.hta”

Various versions of this scam may use different file names

There is no need for most people to manually update Adobe Flash since if you had previously and intentionally loaded it on your computer there are settings to automate Flash updates without your having to do them manually.

In short – If you are browsing the web and a page appears that wants you to update Adobe Flash – DON’T …

Don Beach

PCBUG Meeting – Thursday March 15 at 5 p.m.

Ask the Experts session will be held where members can have computer & technology questions answered.

As always, Visitors are welcome, so feel free to invite a friend.

The FBI paid Best Buy Geek Squad employees to act as informants

According to documents obtained by the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) the FBI and Geek Squad at Best Buy appear to have had a process for how the bureau would investigate and prosecute people who had given their devices to Geek Squad to be repaired.


PCBUG Meeting – Thursday Feb 15 at 5 p.m.

Ever wanted to have a place on the Internet to share with Family, Friends or a group?

This month’s topic could be just what you are looking for…

Also an Ask the Experts session will be held where members can have computer & technology questions answered.

As always, Visitors are welcome, so feel free to invite a friend.

 PCBUG Meeting – Thursday Dec 21 at 5 p.m.

An Ask the Experts session will be held where members can have computer & technology questions answered.

As always, Visitors are welcome, so feel free to invite a friend.




Warning! Warning! Warning!

Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 are beyond end of life and will no long be supported.

April 11, 2017 was the last Microsoft update for Windows Vista.

October 10, 2017 was the last Microsoft update for Office 2007 !!!


HP Inc. Recalls Over 100,000 Batteries

Hp laptops under the following brands between Mar. 2013 and Oct. 2016 might be affected by the battery recall:Specific HP, Compaq, HP ProBook, HP ENVY, Compaq Presario, and HP Pavilion notebook computers are affected.The black batteries measure about 8 to 10.5 inches long, 2 inches wide and about 1 inch high. The battery bar code is printed on the back of the battery. “HP Notebook Battery” and the model number are printed on the battery. The batteries included in this expanded recall have bar codes starting with:6BZLU, 6CGFK, 6CGFQ, 6CZMB, 6DEMA, 6DEMH, 6DGAL and 6EBVA

Yahoo suffers world’s biggest hack affecting 1 billion users

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Yahoo has discovered a 3-year-old security breach that enabled a hacker to compromise more than 1 billion user accounts, breaking the company’s own humiliating record for the biggest security breach in history.


Copy of the letter sent to account holders.

Important Security Information for Yahoo Users


Now offers four malware-fighting modules:

Malicious website protection

You have all the best Malwarebytes detection, protection, and malware-removal in one tight package.

Malwarebytes 3.0 Download page.

PCBUG Meeting – Nov 17 at 5 p.m.

Jere Minich, APCUG Board of Advisors did a presentation on current Windows 10 topics including Windows Privacy and Printers. He also gave a short presentation on APCUG.

We did an ASK the EXPERTS session.



Naples police want to take a more proactive approach to keep residents from falling victim to telephone scams.

Officers have placed red stop signs near gift card kiosks and cash registers at local gas stations warning residents of scams in which callers demand prepaid gift cards to pay off debts that victims actually don’t owe.


What I learned playing prey to Windows scammers


This is an interesting, if somewhat long article regarding those annoying and dangerous phone calls from “I am calling you from Windows.” scammers.

Hint: Hangup on them ! Don’t let them have remote access to your computer and don’t tell them anything you would not want a criminal to know about you… which is nothing.

 If You Use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, You Should Change Your Password Now

If you rely on Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or Mail.ru for your emails, you should go change your password right now.

Reuters is reporting that Russian hackers have stolen more than 273 million email passwords and are selling them online.

Uninstall now!

Apple abandons QuickTime for Windows despite lingering critical flaws


The reason for getting rid of QuickTime for Windows is twofold.

First, Apple told Trend Micro it is deprecating the software and will no longer deliver security updates for QuickTime for Windows.

Second, there are two known critical vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to take control of a system running QuickTime.

CERT Alert (TA16-105A)
Apple Ends Support for QuickTime for Windows; New Vulnerabilities Announced

Computers running QuickTime for Windows will continue to work after support ends. However, using unsupported software may increase the risks from viruses and other security threats. Potential negative consequences include loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data, as well as damage to system resources or business assets.

The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.

Malware Warning !!!

There seems to be an increase in malware using sounds, either that of a siren or a ticking sound or a voice that repeats that your computer is infected, urging that you should call the 800 # listed on the screen in order to clean your computer.Malware symbol

THIS IS A SCAM – DO NOT under any circumstances call such a number – unless you truly want to give criminals your credit card number. ( and like to have your bank issue you a new credit card)

If you do call, they will do and say anything to get you to let them take control of your computer in order to help “clean out” your system ( and your bank account and your email contact list and your password list and then they will load a keylogger and secret remote control software so they can see everything you do and type … while completely owning the computer that was previously yours !!!)

Also expect to be bombarded by scam phone calls since your phone number will be captured by their Caller ID system and you have just proved to them that you are a “LIVE ONE”.

Actually removing this situation from your computer will depend on the exact version of the scam you have been hit with BUT NEVER EVER CALL THEM – it will only make a bad situation worse…

Don Beach


Time to End Of Support for your version of Windows

Windows Vista Support ENDED on  April 11, 2017

Time to End Of Support – Windows 7: January 14, 2020

Time to End Of Support – Windows 8.1: January 10, 2023

Time to End Of Support – Windows 10: October 14, 2025

(Provided you have the latest Feature Update)

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 5 pm, in the Rees Meeting Room at the Naples Branch Library – 650 Central Ave. Naples, FL – (Unless otherwise announced) (map)