CPU Mag has gone Digital

CPU Mag has gone Digital – For the past several years we have had
Sandhills Publishing to thank for the copies of CPU Magazine that we have
been giving out at our meetings. We recently received the following
message from them…

“Quick update on CPU magazine – We have changed our distribution over the
past six months due to the ever-changing tech industry. We’ve revamped our
website and are adding daily content there, have weekly product giveaways,
and a forum.

In addition, we’ve limited our print distribution to select retailers that
sell the hardware components we promote and are no longer sending
individual print copies.

Unfortunately, that means we will no longer be sending copies of CPU out
to computer users groups.

Please encourage your members to visit http://cpumag.com to sign up to
receive our digital subscription, sign up for the weekly giveaways, and
post questions to the forum.

We appreciate all you have done to promote CPU to your members. Please let
me know if you have any questions.”