Protecting Your Digital Life Sept 2019

For those members that may want to watch the presentation at their own pace, here is an early video of the presentation.

Please find instructions to successfully install Avast and other helpful links and tips

Instructions to successfully install Avast:

  1. Download to a folder you can find or to your Desktop the product Avast Free:
    (I suggest you choose the Off-Line Installer file.) (Do Not Run at this time)
  2. Download the REMOVAL TOOL for your current Antivirus Program by following the Guide offered here:
    How do I remove old third-party antivirus software before installing Avast?
    Antivirus Removal Tools
    The Removal Tool for Avast Antivirus (should you ever need it):
  3. Once these 2 programs are saved to your computer in a folder that you can locate or,
  4. Go to the Control Panel > Select add/remove > (Programs and Features in Windows 7 & 8)
    select your current antivirus program and select uninstall. (Allow it to uninstall all features of the program)
  5. Reboot your system.
  6. Run the removal tool for your old Antivirus Program saved in step #2
  7. Once the tool finishes, Reboot your system and Reconnect your Internet connection.
  8. Install Avast Free by doing a right click on the program downloaded in step #1 – select run as Administrator then select install.
  9. Shutdown your system — wait 10 seconds — Start your computer.
  10. Avast Free will now be installed and will update its virus database.
  11. Restart your system. The installation is not complete until this is done.
  12. Once this is done, you’ll be ready to enjoy the new product as much as I already have for many years.
    A video to guide you in installing avast! Free:
    avast! for Linux:
    Thanks for having me at your meeting and I hope to meet all of you again.
    Avast Facts:
    To download any of Avast’s Software, simply go to:
    Get Avast Free Mobile Security for free from Google Play.

Programs to Help Keep You Safe.

Avast Free – To keep you safe on the internet and Protect your Computer.
Emsisoft Emergency Kit – An excellent second opinion Portable companion for avast!
InternetOff – Is a free tool that allows you to quickly turn the internet connection off\on
Unchecky – To help prevent installing unwanted add-ons.
Ccleaner – To clean up leftovers when visiting the Web and using your Programs
SlimComputer – Free – Free – Helps identify software that comes pre-installed on a new computer.
Zemana AntiMalware – Free on-demand Malware scanner.
Other Free Software to consider:
Free Imaging Software for creating System Image Backups
Paragon Backup & Recovery free – Free Backup and Recovery
Drive Image XML –
Clonezilla –
CryptoPrevent(Free) Helps prevent Cryptolocker and Ransomware
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit – Shields your browsers against exploit attacks, including zero-day attacks.
Should I Remove it
Windows 8 App Remover –
(BootSafe) An Easy way to get to Safe Mode:
Free Firewall programs:
TinyWall 2.1 – For Win Vista, Win7 and Win8:
Firewall App Blocker – Control Windows Firewall:
AdwCleaner is a tool that deletes :
· Adwares (software ads)
· PUP/LPI (Potentially Undesirable Program)
· Toolbars
· Hijacker (Hijack of the browser’s homepage)
Download link: Update Checker Helps you keep your installed programs up-to-date
Online Virus/Malware Checkers Used to double check when you suspect a false-positive
Fix Internet Problems:
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Free Security Seminar available about:
Protecting Your Digital Life and many other Security related topics.
Absolutely free, ask me for details:
(505) 250-1089
See where I’ve done Presentations lately:
Avast Mobile Security for your Android – Click here to download it from Google Play
Avast SecureMe 4 iOS
Avast Secure Browser –  – Removal Tool
Ransomware Decryption Tools:
A refresher course on Facebook privacy controls
Sites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe –
Windows Firewall Control extends the functionality of the Windows Firewall
To restore the Image Backup Function in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, follow the instruction in the video I put together:
Preparing for a Disaster before it happens:
Chrome Browser Cleanup Tool – Click here to download the tool
PatchMyPC – Update programs on your system – – It enhances Ccleaner’s ability to clean junk from your computer.
MailWasher Free Allows you to preview, delete and, bounce e-mails back to the originator.
Restore Point Creator – An excellent program to create and manage System Restore Points,.
Klondike Forever – Over 150 Games – All Work and No Play makes for a dull Computer – Desktop Icon Save and Restore
JRT – Junkware Removal Tool
10 Apps Manager – Remove the preinstalled Windows 10 Apps
O&O ShutUp 10 – Adjust the privacy settings in Windows 10
Opera – Now with Free VPN to keep you safe when using Open WiFi.
Prey – Prey lets you track & find your phone, laptop, or tablet. (Install it before you need it.)
A great place to discover Programs you can use
Windows 8 and 8.1 Tips Questions and Solutions
Windows 10 – Ultimate Windows 10 Troubleshooting Guide
Tips Tricks and Other Helpful Videos
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Here is a video on setting up a Credit Freeze for those that may be looking for this information:

For those members that may want to watch the presentation at their own pace, here is an early video of the presentation.

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